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As a second-generation commercial fishing family, we understand the importance of knowing where your food comes from. That’s why we only offer wild-caught seafood sourced direct from U.S. small-scale fishermen. Quality, transparency, and traceability are our top priorities, and in an industry where trust is paramount, our goal is to become your trusted seafood source. From our family to yours, we are dedicated to providing top-quality, sustainable, and traceable seafood.

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Andrew Spalt

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Eric Spalt

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Who we are

A Family Affair

At Atlantic Crab and Seafood, our legacy runs deep. With over 50 years and two generations in commercial fishing, our family – Eric, Andrew, and George – are the backbone of our operations. They work year-round aboard the 60-foot F/V Miss Emma in New Bedford, Massachusetts, harvesting Day Boat Scallops, Jonah Crab, and Maine Lobster.

Who We Are

Fishing Heritage

Our commercial fishing legacy began over 50 years ago, spearheaded by our father, Jim, and his brother, Peter. Jim started his maritime journey in 1978 as a Captain of commercial fishing vessels. By 1985, he founded Cape Spray Fisheries, a vertically integrated seafood venture specializing in commercial sea scallops.

In 1987, Jim collaborated with renowned Naval Architect Jon Leiby of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute to revolutionize deep-sea scallop vessels. Their partnership led to the creation of the first U.S. commercial scallop vessel equipped with an onboard freezing system, allowing for “frozen at sea” scallops. Cape Spray’s commitment to innovation continued, resulting in the design and reconstruction of seven commercial fishing vessels dedicated to harvesting “frozen at sea” scallops.

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